Before and after

With a title like Working Plot, it is probably only right that I should reveal my plot-in-progress. Definitely with emphasis on the ‘in-progress’…

About three weeks ago, we made the adventurous move from Devon to Somerset. Having lived very rurally in Devon, I didn’t think we would end up somewhere even more void of post boxes, bus routes and neighbours. It is, however, even more remote and I love it!

No doubt I didn’t get all the roots up and will be battling them for a while!

With the lush countryside practically creeping under the door, I haven’t been too worried about the garden. Although one morning, I decided that the weeds were looking far too happy in our one little flowerbed, so they had to go.

It feels like a peculiar time of year to be starting something new in the garden, when the leaves are tinged with yellow and the squirrels are busy burying their winter feasts. I am therefore completely undecided about what to put in our solitary bed. The important first decision will be its purpose, vegetables, herbaceous or maybe cut flowers? Perhaps my challenge should be to try and fit all three in one tiny bed …

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