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PLACES – The Courts Garden, Holt

Much of our time gardening is spent battling. Whether it is the on-going job of weeding, cutting hedges that are out of shape, edging paths, staking, tying, raking, pruning… we definitely keep a tight control of how our gardens are allowed to grow.

However, as the year starts to wind down, so do we and our gardens take on a glorious ‘shabby chic’, as herbaceous borders elegantly flop over paths and patios, like untying your hair after a long day in the office.

A line of topiary ‘figures’ walking across the lawn

This is why I particularly enjoyed my visit to The Courts, near Holt in Wiltshire. The let-it-all-hang-lose-effect of late summer, just takes the edge off pristine formal gardens and is a beautiful reminder that sometimes plants just need to do their own thing.

An archway of apples and grapes, unlike any I’ve seen before!
I fell in love with the colour of this vine
…and also fell in love with this combination of grass and hips

More info about The Courts, National Trust:

Sited on an old Woollen Mill, there are still some clues remaining about the history of the site, including a large ‘dye pool’. The main garden (20th century) is made-up of several large garden rooms and has been described as a mini-Hidcote! It has a big Arboretum and also a lovely kitchen garden, with amazing apple and grape-arched path.

Only the gardens are open to the public, although the house was holding an art exhibition when I visited. Open mid-March to end of October, except Wednesdays, from 11am to 5:30pm.

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