December Garden Academy




One of the many reasons the Garden Academy is so great, is the variety of things we do every month and this month was no exception. I also like how we never really know what each day is going to involve. Whether it’s a day with Adam, a supplier visit, store-related training or practical gardening, other than the title of the day the rest is a surprise and a good one too!

Our week started with Adam Frost at Barnsdale. This month our focus was planting design, which is definitely a combination of being extremely exciting and absurdly challenging at the same time. We were all very enthusiastic about attacking three current projects Adam was working on and filling beds and borders with plants. However, there is also a dizzying number of things to consider; size, colour, texture, shape, height, width, scent. Not to forget, remembering all of the principles surrounding ‘Right plant, right place’.

It was a very chilly day at Barnsdale, although lovely to arrive first thing in the morning and grab a few shots of the gorgeous frost (Obviously, the garden, not Adam)!

We also had a day of Media Training, preparing us for any public events we do, including Chelsea Flower Show. My first glimpse of fame and fortune can be found here: The Exeter Daily

And then later in the month we appeared here too!



Our supplier visit this month was to Hozelock, manufacturers of anything and everything watering related. We had a really interesting day getting hands-on with the products, learning about how they are made and what makes them the brand leaders. Hozelock were the creators of the ‘click-on’ fitting, a system now used across the world.

Whilst visiting my parents over Christmas I kept on noticing Hozelock products around the garden. ‘Have we always had this?’ I asked my mum, apparently we had and I just had not noticed. I imagine it must be a case of, when something works well you don’t notice who made it or where it comes from!

Only a couple of weeks until our January Academy and 132 days until Chelsea Flower Show, not that I’m counting…

1 comment on “December Garden Academy

  1. Looks chilly but beautiful! Exciting times ahead…

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