RHS Tatton Park Flower Show

Nicola was the only female finalist in the RHS Young Designer of the Year competition at RHS Tatton Park Flower Show in 2018. Her garden ‘Raised by Rivers’ was inspired by fond childhood memories of growing up in the countryside and being beside water. The garden was awarded an RHS Silver Gilt Medal.

The garden captured the connection that many people have with water. Nicola was inspired by the different senses that water appeals to and how it makes us feel, from the babbling sound of moving water, to the calm, reflective surface of a lake.

It also highlighted the importance of ‘blue spaces’ for our health. Research has shown that people who live near, or spent time outdoors near water, were more active and felt that it had a positive effect on their mental health.

Concept Illustrations

Built by – Harrison Landscapes

Photography by – Tracy Burr Photography